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The man has struck a

chord without exemption from the train
he was never bound to take,

withering and wailing across the streets that were lined with roaches and
it crawled onwards
until the horror returned to me that

-.. . .- - ....

lurks around every corner,
and immobilized I stand
reluctantly quiet with the dreams of only
a scalpel shredding
the remains of my immortal skin.
Loyal watchman,
come and engulf yourself into the tearful embrace of the frozen lava stream of my

seed spewing
( ... . . -.. / ... .--. . .-- .. -. --. )
forth from my scalpel cuts

Erase the memory of the cyclical rhythm of elements
through the exits, leaving behind ashes of what was once my mind

Rations are scarce

The shadow's brightness blinded the lone mariner lost in an ocean

of sleepless rock...

heightening his other senses, and my senses,
because I
could maybe be that mariner,
crashing my vessel into a crater on the moon, unaware of my journey there,
waking up seconds before the crash
barely enough time to try and lick my elbow, let alone scream,

Inexorably onwards, horizons converted into tangible paintings,
smacked down from their invisible wall with my amputated fist.
"Don't forget I delineated you."
I tell the universe, convinced for a nanosecond of my own divinity.

-. --- --..-- / -. --- --..-- / --. --- / -. --- - / - --- / .-.. . - .... .

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